Barber: Can

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Head Barber

10 Years Experience

With over 10 years experience under his belt there is nothing new Can hasn’t seen regarding hair makeovers. With hair trends going around in a loop, Can has great advice as to which hair cut matches what seasons.

His exceptional personality will make you laugh and feel at ease in the barber chair ensuring the sacred bond between barber and client is upheld.

6 Years Experience

Timur is a perfectionist barber who takes details very seriously. For Timur, barbering is an art and his clippers and scissors are his paint brushes.

With every stroke, he intends to tell a story.

With 6 years of practice, who can draw a better portrait of the Monalisa on your hair than Timur? Who?

Barber: Tim

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Barber: Connor

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3 Years Experience

if you are looking for great conversation especially about football Conor might just be your guy. Skin fades, shapes and designs being his Personal favourite this is the man you are looking for.

All our barbers are professionals who treat every customer as a walking review. At Cut and Blend, our work is expected to speak volumes for us, hence the need to effectively provide efficient results.


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